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HVOF Spray Molybdenum Wire

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HVOF Spray

HVOF Spray, which is shorted from high-velocity oxygen fuel, is a method to produce spray molybdenum wire. The high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) thermal spray process is closely related to the flame spray process, except that combustion takes place in a small chamber rather than in ambient air. The HVOF combustion process generates a large volume of gas caused by the formation and thermal expansion of such exhaust gases as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

These gases must exit the chamber through a narrow barrel several inches long. Because of the extremely high pressure created in the combustion chamber, the gases exit the barrel at supersonic velocities, thereby accelerating the molten particles. Although the particles do not reach the speed at which the gases are traveling, they do reach very high velocities. Particle velocities have been measured. These high particle speeds, and subsequent high kinetic energy, translate into dense coatings with some of the highest bond strengths possible.

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