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Spray molybdenum wire

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Spray molybdenum wire is regularly covered with graphite.  When removed graphite, spray molybdenum wire is metallic luster. It has a good high-temperature tensile strength and corrosion resistance after sintering, forging, and drawing.

Due to its high abrasion and wear resistance, molybdenum has become an indispensable material for metal spraying technology. Thin layers of molybdenum are sprayed thermally on surfaces of mechanically strongly stressed automobile parts, such as piston rings, synchronizer rings, and shift elements, to increase their abrasion resistance.

The production process of spray molybdenum wire is: materials --- rotary forging --- annealing --- Turntable drawbench --- annealing - multidie wire-drawing –spraying-spray molybdenum wire. During processing, equipments used are rotary swaging machine, the turntable drawbench machine, multidie wire-drawing machine, annealing furnace.

Spray molybdenum wire can be coated by many methods --- wire flame spray, powder flame spray, electric ARC spray, HOVF etc. Normally, it is themally sprayed.

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